Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to change the world... (or at least local politics)

  1. Choose the party most likely to win;
  2. Get 15 church members to join your local branch;
  3. Attend the AGM, and get yourself elected Branch Chair;
  4. Recruit another 100 Christians to your branch;
  5. Attend the Constituency AGM en masse and get yourself elected Constituency Chairman;
  6. Whenever candidate selection meetings come up, attend en masse, and get the best local candidate selected;
  7. Win lots of seats;
  8. Change the world.
Too many times Christians complain about how politic parties are out of touch.
So quit complaining and join up. Get your friends to join up. Get your churches to join up.
Change the party.
Change the world.

And yes, it is (almost) that easy. Political party membership is at an all time low. If we, as Christians got organised enough to set out to change the system, then are more than enough of us in almost every area to take over. Parties are run by their members. Numbers make influence. Influence changes policies. Policies change the world.

Sadly, the hardest part would actually be to get enough Christians to agree to work together on a project like this.

Because of course, it's much easier to sit on the outside complaining, than it is to make the effort to make things better.
Are we brave enough to make a difference?

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