Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Be Say Do

Spring Harvest this year had the them of Jesus: The Source. There were 4 daily themes:
  1. The Source - the gospel is not a what or a how, it is a who. The good news of Jesus is the message we spread. We need to make sure our theology is focussed on what Jesus said and did.
  2. Be the Good News - we are the visible witness of God on earth. When people look for God they look at us first. We need to ensure that what people see when they look at us is a reflection of God.
  3. Say the Good News - we need to be able to explain the reasons for our faith, not with superiority and condemnation, but with humbleness and respect.
  4. Do the Good News -  Faith without deeds is dead. We need to love out our faith in such a way that when people see our actions in fighting poverty and injustice they see the heart of God in action - our faith as a positive force for good in the world.
How do we apply this teaching into our lives? What difference does it make to us if we stop looking at our faith as a theoretical religion, but instead view it as a practical outpouring of the heart of God?

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